Hear from Industry Experts

Harold Evensky
Evensky & Katz Wealth Management


"The only way we can do that [framing the probability of success in a capital needs analysis] is having a complete comprehensive view of all of our clients’ assets, and all too often we don’t control 100% of those, which is why we’ve worked with ByAllAccounts pretty much since the beginning of ByAllAccounts — because, that’s simply part-and-parcel what is necessary in order to do the planning and the kind of advising that as practitioners I think we need to do."

Stuart Depina
Chairman & CEO


"Tamarac is focused on enabling advisors to better service the investors they support as well as run a more efficient business through our Advisor Xi suite and our integration partners. Leveraging the Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM service to integrate investor 401(k), 529 and other held away assets has clearly become an area where advisors have been able to provide incremental value to their clients. Over the course of the last year we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of advisors adopting a strategy to provide advice to all of their investor’s assets and ByAllAccounts is the perfect solution to deliver this value."

Bob Veres
Inside Information


"It's hard to imagine a financial planning professional in today's environment managing a retirement portfolio in isolation from the outside assets that the client holds in qualified plan accounts and other arrangements. And it's hard to imagine clients in this environment who wouldn't prefer to have a consolidated picture of all of their holdings."

Michael Kitces
Pinnacle Advisor Solutions, Publisher


"In the digital age, data gathering and plan monitoring will transition from a time consuming process for the client to a technology-driven data process for the planner. This will ultimately lead to both greater efficiencies for the planner, and a more positive planning experience for the client. Simply put, account aggregation tools lie at the heart of data gathering and plan monitoring for the future of financial planning."

Sheryl L. Rowling
CPA/PFS, Co-Creator & CEO
Total Rebalance Expert®


"As a practicing RIA and CEO of Total Rebalance Expert (TRX), I have experienced the benefits of account aggregation first-hand. As an RIA, my firm is now able to incorporate management of clients' 401(k)s and annuities, providing our clients with comprehensive management while providing our firm with additional AUM and fee revenue. TRX's seamless integration with the Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM service makes tax-efficient management at the household level easy!"

Bill Winterberg
Technology Consultant


"The Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM service is the leader in delivering reconciliation-ready data on clients' held-away accounts, giving advisors the ability to deliver more comprehensive advice and recommendations to help clients achieve their goals. The service replaces costly, time-intensive, and error-prone processes used to manually gather client account information. Account aggregation adds efficiency and scalability to the back office, and most advisors realize a positive return on investment in less than one year."