The Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM service began from the simple realization that there had to be a better way for advisory firms to create consolidated reports than to receive statements in the mail and then manually enter that data.

Architecting the network

The ByAllAccounts co-founders took a calculated risk that by designing and building a flexible technology using artificial intelligence to learn and adapt, the service would be well positioned for success when electronic access to, and use of, financial account data reached critical mass.

This platform independent, open architecture solution was the underpinnings for a broad, deep network, which years later allows any advisory firm, custodian, or platform participant to reap business benefits from it. We have built a network of 2,000 clients, and 40 platform providers.

Growing the network

As platform providers sought to expand their market share and increase assets flowing through their platforms, they turned to ByAllAccounts to take advantage of its growing client base.

Looking to the future

We believe the ability to choose any platform or investment vehicle is a fundamental requirement for advisory firms and their account holders. Changing platforms shouldn’t be hindered or motivated by connectivity concerns. Any and all platforms should have access to any and all data.

Our way ahead lies with continued innovation. We are well positioned to harness the connectivity of our network to give members the flexibility to select any platform, any investment vehicle, or any advisor and still have access to the information they need.