Getting Started with ByAllAccounts from the Advisor's Perspective part 2

By Doug Holden on Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Custodial Integrator was installed on my computer today. Matt logged in and took over my PC, so I didn’t have to do anything but watch. I asked several questions during the installation, and Matt was patient to answer them as he worked. We also set up the ByAllAccounts interface in PortfolioCenter. Both the installation and setup occurred without a hitch, and the technology used to accomplish this worked flawlessly. It was a very easy process for me.

Les Sutton provided an hour of instruction on Custodial Integrator. We spent some time on the setup, and then walked through the daily process of importing from WebPortfolio, Exporting to PortfolioCenter, posting in PortfolioCenter, and finally accepting the data in CI. 

I’m only dealing with one account (my own) for now, but we were able to download prices, securities, and positions accurately from my custodian’s website. I am now tracking the account in PortfolioCenter.

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