Are You Prepared to Deal With Your Client of Tomorrow?

By Alex Wingert, Advisor Websites on Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Those who have grown up with Web 2.0 at their fingertips will soon be getting to the age where they are starting families and talking about getting financial advice.  Do you know how you’re going to react when they show up to your doorstep or website?

The Client of Tomorrow:


  • They are highly accessible through email, social media, and their mobile phones (text messaging and phone calls)
  • They also expect you to be reasonably accessible through email, social media, and telephone


  • The client of tomorrow will want complete transparency
  • They will want to be able to view their portfolio from their own computer or mobile device
  • They will want to know why and how you made your decision when choosing how to invest their money


  • They will want to be educated on the different options that are available to them, and will expect these resources to be online

Personal Touch

  • Well, some things never change
  • Don’t be afraid to connect with the Client of Tomorrow through social media

Alex Wingert is the online marketing and social media specialist at Advisor Websites. He is responsible for the daily social media activities, writing content for the monthly newsletter and maintaining our blog up-to-date. You can email Alex at:

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