Getting Started with ByAllAccounts from the Advisor's Perspective part 4

By Doug Holden on Friday, November 5th, 2010

Communication with clients was initiated today concerning the opportunity to have their 401(k) and 403(b) assets managed professionally in the same way as the assets that are custodied at Schwab. As part of my quarterly mailing, I send a one page (front and back) newsletter of sorts. It usually includes a brief market commentary as well as covering several other topics. This time I included management of held-away assets, so I’m anticipating having at least a few clients respond. For the benefit of those reading this blog, here is the way I introduced the topic:

A number of my clients who are currently employed are participating in an employer-sponsored 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan. Over the years, I have gladly provided advice concerning the investments in these plans, at no charge to you. It is important to consider these retirement investments when developing your overall investment strategy, but I never had a way to automate receiving and tracking investment and transaction information about these accounts.

I recently implemented a technology solution allowing me to track and report on 401(k) investments the same way I track your Schwab investments. This is a huge improvement, because it will allow me to include ALL of your investments in my advice and recommendations. Of course, I’ll need to charge a fee to do this, which I anticipate to be roughly half of the fee charged to manage your Schwab investments. However, I am prepared to offer this service at no charge through the end of 2011. If you are interested in receiving on-going oversight and advice concerning the investments in your company retirement plan, please call or email me, and we’ll get it set up.

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