Schwab IMPACT 2011: An Interview with ByAllAccounts CEO, James Carney

By Gary DeAsi, Marketing Coordinator, ByAllAccounts on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

See the video blog where James Carney, CEO of ByAllAccounts, is interviewed at the Schwab Impact 2011 Conference on how advisors can improve their practices with data aggregation technology. Click the play button below, and in 3+ minutes, hear James explain how data aggregation enables advisory firms to:

  • Replace time-consuming manual entry of account data with automated electronic data downloads on a daily basis, including data on held away accounts such as 401k’s and 529’s

  • Satisfy the demands of clients who now want their advisors to monitor all their assets, including held away accounts that have traditionally not been under direct management

  • Make the transition from an advisory firm to a true wealth manager

The benefits to your business can be enormous—well worth a brief video viewing. 

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