The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011 for Financial Advisors

By Gary DeAsi, Marketing Coordinator, ByAllAccounts on Monday, December 19th, 2011

1.) Are You An iPad(visor)?

According to a recent survey, financial services firms are the fastest adapters of iPads for business use. Why such fast adoption? What are key benefits for today’s firms? Here are several points to consider: Read more

2.) The Top 3 Challenges Financial Advisors are Facing (or so they tell me)

When you talk to lots of financial advisors, you’ll find that many of them are asking: How do they attract younger clients? How do they bring held-away assets under management? And how do they satisfy client’s heightened reporting demands? Perhaps you’ve asked the same questions yourself lately… Read more

3.) How to Choose and Use CRM Systems for Financial Advisory Firms

What are the top three things a financial advisor should consider when selecting a CRM system? And once the system is implemented, what are the best practices that should be used? Find the answers here. Read more

4.) 5 Ways Advisor Websites Go Wrong (and how to fix it)

Are you making any of the five most common (and most damaging) mistakes that advisors make on their websites? (Hint: If your site doesn’t pass “the 5 second test,” you may be in trouble.) Read more

5.) What’s the Difference Between a Financial Advisor and “Life” Advisor? Client Relationships that Last.

When you transform yourself from a financial advisor to “life” advisor, you greatly enhance your ability to hang onto clients for the long term. Here’s a look at how we define “life” advisor—and how you can excel at this new type of relationship. Read more

6.) How to Attract Younger Clients

For your review, here are three quick tips from someone who’s a “younger client” herself. Use these pointers and you’ll be miles ahead when it comes to acquiring clients who comprise the next generation of investors. Read more

7.) How Investors Select Financial Advisors

Do your clients pick you because of your investment record? Because of references? Likeability? Or other factors? Whatever the case, you’ll want to understand the critical differences between a subjective selection approach and an objective one, as outlined here.  Read more

8.) Social Media for Financial Advisors: Do You Have the “X-Factor"?

Before wading into the ocean of social media, it pays to familiarize yourself with the mantra, “I’m not your buddy, and I’m not a big-bad business.” Find out what this really means, and how it can benefit you immeasurably. Read more

9.) Reaching Out to Your Clients’ Adult Children at the Right Time: Marriage, Mortgages, and Other Milestones

Your clients’ adult  children can be a wonderful source of business, but what are the best ways to get them on board? This blog shows you how to succeed with this key group—from reaching out at key moments in their lives to posting videos on YouTube to faithfully following  the “Men’s Wearhouse Example.” Read more

10.) The Hidden Threat: Why Your Clients will Leave You When They Retire

You’ve taken your clients to the Promised Land, so why would they leave you? Perhaps because they think you’re a one-trick-pony who excels at helping them accumulate wealth, but not at distributing it at retirement. Find out how to combat this perception and hold onto your hard-earned clients. Read more 


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