The Top 5 Most Popular Whitepapers of 2011 for Financial Advisors

By Gary DeAsi, Marketing Coordinator, ByAllAccounts on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

A good whitepaper provides you with the opportunity to get detailed information on how to improve your practice, while still enjoying a “quick read” that can fit comfortably into your busy day. Here are five ByAllAccounts whitepapers that were especially popular with advisors in 2011—all written by our CEO, James Carney, and all part of our SMART DECISIONS series. Please feel to read (and/or re-read) any or all of them; we hope you find them informative.

1.) Help your Clients Better Prepare for the Future: A Discussion with Harold Evensky on the 4 Essentials of Managing Retirement Assets

Did you know that 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every single day? Many of them are worried they might outlive their savings—a concern that renowned investment advisor Harold Evensky can help you address as he describes his core essentials for helping investors manage their retirement assets. Learn about Evensky’s “five year mantra,” the tools he recommends support holistic planning, and much more. Read more

2.) Hone Your Marketing Initiatives: How to Find Better Prospects and Acquire More Clients

When we recently conducted a marketing survey, we discovered that only 12.5% of our respondents feel that their marketing strategy is effective.  Here’s where you can get valuable tips on how to maximize the success of your marketing initiatives—from outsourcing key marketing functions and succeeding with low-cost initiatives to using free web tools and using marketing automation. The result: Your prospecting and client acquisition efforts will be stronger than ever.  Read more

3.) How to Build Relationships Across Generations: Cater to Younger Clients to Retain and Increase AUM

Who are the Gen X and Gen Y investors we hear so much about? They’re very likely your clients’ children, and they can help serve as the bedrock for your advisory business in the years ahead. How do you earn the trust of these investors and bring them on board? How do you retain them and maximize AUM? Read what three experts at doing business with Gen X and Gen Y clients have to say about how you can prosper. Read more

4.) Don't Leave Money on the Table: Billing on Held-Away Assets - 4 Reasons Why the Tide is Turning

A quick look at the advisory industry tells us that the tide is beginning to turn on managing and billing on held-away assets. It’s here—and more firms will be doing it in the months and years ahead. How can your firm capitalize on this major growth opportunity? How do you position the fee with clients? What are the mechanics of billing? Get the answers here. Read more

5.) Attract HNW Clients By Adhering to the Fiduciary Standard

Recent survey results reveal that many high net worth investors believe that their financial advisors are only interested in many money off the HNW accounts—and do not put their clients’ needs first. You can combat this perception and grow your business by adhering to the fiduciary standard. Find out how to reinforce your role as a trusted advisor—and transform your relationship with your client from “asset manager” to the broader role of “wealth manager.” Read more 

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