Five Tips to Improve Client Service

The more you know about your clients, the easier it is to provide the products that best suit their needs. Be curious about their opinions and viewpoints, and make a habit of asking them what they think and what is important to them. Imagining yourself in your clients’ position is one way to figure out what they need.

Five tips to improve client service are:

1.) Be completely present.

2.) Establish trust. Give honest answers, and be straightforward about what you can do.

3.) Empathize with your clients. Imagine what they are going through especially during tough times.

4.) Be patient. Even when you have answered the same question a million times, answer it again patiently.

5.) Be open to learning. There are always new ways to deal with clients.

Focus on each client as a unique individual that just wants to be seen, heard and understood. Ask open-ended questions to get to know them, such as “what’s important to them about money?” and “what kind of legacy do they want to leave behind?” When they are in your office, pay attention to their body language, as it can tell you what is not being said.

Personalize your client service so that you are treating them as they would like to be treated. Also be clear about what your service level agreement looks like for them, such as when you are available for meeting and calls and what kind of response time they should expect from you when they leave a message. 

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