Top Four Categories That Clients Use to Determine How You Measure Up

There is always going to be a client that leaves out of the blue that gets you wondering; why weren’t they happy? Why did they leave? Wasn’t I doing a good job for them?

The first place advisors look is how the client’s portfolio has been doing.  Unfortunately, this is only a part of the measurement of the client’s satisfaction. The other part is their satisfaction with the relationship, which is trickier to measure.

The top four categories that clients use to determine how you measure up are:

1.) Providing attention. This involves how often you contact them, meet them, the time it takes to return their calls, hand written notes etc.

2.) Offering solutions. Be able to be the client’s expert on financial matters.

3.) Having a connection. This is what you have in common; values, a similar life situation, interests, etc.

4.) Meeting the client’s goals. Were they coming to you for investing ideas, to learn more about a topic or to have you save them time and effort?

Check to see how well you performed in each category and then ask your clients for feedback. It is better to be proactive in this area and to get things out in the open, so that you can talk about it.

Since you cannot control the markets, it is nice to know that you do have a lot of control over how your relationships work out and how satisfied your clients will be.  

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