Top 5 Most Popular ByAllAccounts Webinars of 2010

By Cynthia Stephens on Thursday, December 30th, 2010

It seems fitting to conclude the year by reflecting on the five most popular webinars over the past 12 months.  In decreasing order, based on the number of registrations for the live webinar and the on-demand replays combined, those are:

  1. Amendments to the SEC Custody Rule: What do they mean to you?  – March 30 – Justin Kam from National Compliance Services, which is a leader in the compliance and regulatory services industry, summarized the amended custody rule, including the new annual surprise examination requirement. Attendees learned: What constitutes custody of client funds or securities? What policies are wise for advisers who have custody? And how can advisers use account aggregation without taking receipt of client login credentials?
  2. What do HNW Investors Really Want from their Financial Advisors?  – May 26 – In April, we surveyed high-net-worth investors. Based on responses from the HNW investors we surveyed we provided practical marketing tips to help advisors with their marketing and business development activities. The webinar answered questions such as: What services to investors expect from their advisors post-Madoff? What influences consumers to switch advisors? And what is most important to consumers when evaluating an advisor?
  3. To Custody or Not to Custody?  August 3 – Custody remained a hot topic throughout 2010. In August, ByAllAccounts conducted a second webinar around this theme with Max Mejiborsky of National Regulatory Services. Max joined NRS, where he assists advisors with SEC filings and provides consulting services on numerous regulatory issues, in 2007. In this webinar he explored what constitutes custody of client funds and securities and provided examples. He also reviewed supervisory procedures and testing.
  4. Social Media Marketing 101: How to Use Social Media to Attract Clients – April 28 – According to a recent study by American Century Investments, 44 percent of financial services professionals agree that social media is an emerging trend with significant potential for their business. FINRA recently provided guidance to financial advisors on the use of blogs and social networking sites, which paves the way for registered investment advisors to communicate with clients and potential clients online. Stephanie Sammons, founder of WIRED ADVISOR™, gave advisors concrete advice on how to use social media to attract leads and secure new clients. Her advice included five tips on how to get started using social media to attract clients; success stories from the early adopters; and the implications for financial advisors of FINRA guidelines on social media Web sites
  5. How to Build your Business with Email Marketing and Social Media – July 26 – We often get questions from our clients about how to help them build their business. In this webinar, Loic Jeanjean of Advisor Websites joined us to provide practical insights on the most effective marketing techniques for financial advisors. Like case studies? He delivered just that, recounting seven best practices for email marketing and five best practices for social media.

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Cynthia Stephens is the Vice President of Marketing at ByAllAccounts.

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