Five Tips on Giving Back to Community and Growing Your Business

Ways to give back to community include volunteering, being on a board or supporting your local sports team. As advisors, it is common to be asked to be treasurer or on a finance committee, as your expertise lies with numbers. Community activities will benefit your business by developing solid, trusting relationships.

 Five tips on giving back to community and growing your business are:

1.) Be passionate about what you are supporting. If you are asked to take on an event or volunteer your time at a fundraiser, make it something you care about.

2.) Look for mutual benefits. If some of your ideal clients come to a community event and you have a chance to build relationships there, you are on the right track.

3.) Use your strengths. If you are a whizz at getting door prizes for an event, then offer to do just that.

4.) Be clear about your intentions. Are you planning to volunteer for one event or are you committing to chairing a board for the next few years?

5.) Share your experiences with your clients. People like to do business with folks that care about their community.

If you don't want to hand over a cheque and are unable to donate your time, consider other types of donations such as silent auction prizes. Take a look at your budget first to figure out how much you can give so when you are approached for donations you know roughly what you can donate.

It is also a good idea to choose events or activities that support your values. There is no shortage of charities or associations that would benefit from your expertise, so find something that is a good fit for you.

Rosemary Smyth, MBA, ACC, is a columnist and an international business coach for financial advisors. She spent her career working at leading investment firms before pursuing her passion for coaching. She lives in Victoria, BC. Visit her website at   

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