How to Use Laptops/PCs to Give your Clients Peace of Mind

By Cynthia Stephens, VP of Marketing, ByAllAccounts on Monday, January 28th, 2013

When it comes to using technology gadgets, such as computers, tablets and Smartphones, most advisors probably think of them as tools to enhance business productivity. As a marketer, I recommend that you also think of them as a means of communication.

Consider this: most people’s use of computers is motivated by a desire to find information. (Source: Google study, August 2012, The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior) If you put on your marketing hat for a moment you’ll see that this presents an opportunity for your practice.

I want to share three tips on how to make computers an integral part of your practice to deliver relevant, useful information for engaging clients and potential clients:

  1. Improve client communication with greater transparency

  2. Efficiently gather account data

  3. Attract wealthy clients

Client communication:  It’s no surprise to any advisor that there is still a trust gap to overcome in this post-Madoff era.   Clients, even wealthy ones, demand transparency into their holdings and how they are being handled.

Option: Provide clients with 24/7 access to net worth and balances across their entire portfolio with a client portal or private client site. You can control the amount of information you want to share. Companies like BlueLeaf offer web-based functionality for advisors and their clients.

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Online data access: Most advisors have multiple systems to get client data into, from portfolio management systems, to planning tools to recon engines. Think about using computers as devices to get access to the information you need to better service clients when they phone, or to prepare for client meetings. 

Option: Import position data into a CRM so when you’re getting ready for a meeting, you can access it in a centralized location. Services like Redtail Technology, Pareto, and Junxure have built-in integrations with data aggregation engines to pull data into the platform on a daily basis.

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Attracting new clients: With little or no marketing budgets or staff, may advisors rely on referrals and business development to attract new clients. If you want to jump-start your marketing in 2013 explore new marketing automation technology for advisors.

Option: Leverage limited resources by using technology to allow you to engage and nurture prospects in a more proactive way than merely having a website.

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