6 Tips and Tricks for Running a Great Webinar

By Barbara Kotlyar on Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Webinars are a great way to educate clients, attract prospects and set yourself apart from the competition. The key to a successful webinar is planning and content. Below are some tips to help you increase webinar registrations:

1.       Content is King: Make sure your webinar is educational, not self serving. For example if your clients have teenagers heading to college you may want to do a webinar on how to create an effective college budget. By offering advice on this topic you add value to your relationship with the client and potentially increasing your AUM by starting a relationship early on with their children.

2.       Registration Page: Keep it short and sweet. No one likes filling out a long registration form , so make sure you only ask for the information you need to follow up after the webinar. Ex: Name, Phone, Email.

3.       Promotions: You want to give yourself at least 3 weeks to promote your webinar.  First send out an email to your house list encouraging them to register and to forward the invitation to friends and family. Then resend the email a week later to anyone who did not open it the first time around. You can use a cost effective email system, like constant contact to track who opened the email and to schedule the resend. You should also include a link to the webinar in your monthly newsletter, and promote the webinar using LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog and twitter.If you are part of groups on LinkedIn that is also a good place to spread the word.

4.       Leverage partnerships: If you partner with an attorney, CPA or other professional ask them to send an invitation to their house lists to help increase registrations.

5.       Keep it interactive: During the webinar you can keep your audience engaged by pushing out a survey question. For example if you are using a webinar platform like gotowebinar you can ask a question about your topic at the beginning of the webinar and push the results out to the attendees at the end.

6.       Record: If you are using a webinar platform like gotowebinar you can record and offer the  replay on your website. I would email anyone who registered, but did not attend with a link to the recording so they can view it later. I would also email the recording to people who did attend and encourage them to refer back to the webinar and to forward the link to their friends and family.

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