Traits of Successful Financial Advisors

By Umair Munir - Marketing, ByAllAccounts on Monday, May 6th, 2013

In Q2 2012, ByAllAccounts conducted a survey to find out the common traits of successful financial advisors. The survey provided interesting insights. What we found was that advisors spent most of their time with clients, not in the back-office - 81% said they spend the majority of their time on client management, communication and service; while only 18% said back-office operations and reporting. Among the other key findings were:-


To build on the research, ByAllAccounts is conducting an updated survey this quarter to determine how financial advisors' characteristics or practices may have changed during the past year. The major topics addressed in this survey are:

  • How to define and measure “success” in the industry

  • Business activities advisors spend the most and least time on

  • Top priorities and strengths of successful advisors

  • Key characteristics used to target prospective clients

We encourage you to take the survey to see how you stack up with the most successful advisors. The survey should take approximately five minutes to complete and provides you a chance to win a $50 American Express gift card.


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