5 Advisor Communications That Matter Most to Clients

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Do your clients hear from you on a regular basis? It's important to keep in touch, but it's just as important to make sure you're providing the kinds of information they want.

What do your clients want to hear about?

Proactive reminders

Who doesn't appreciate a reminder? Informing clients of upcoming deadlines or events shows you are aware and also in tune with them. If they have quarterly estimated tax payments, property taxes or insurance payments, give them a heads up before they're due.

Common interests

Many clients enjoy receiving personal emails from their advisor, especially about topics they are interested in. It shows you know them and care about them. (Junxure offers fields to easily track which of your clients like to hike, cook, vacation at the beach, etc.) Share a recipe or the tasting schedule at a new winery near their vacation home.

Market commentary

It's one thing to hear about the fiscal cliff through the mass media - clients really want to know what it means for them and their portfolio, and what their advisor is doing about it. Clients are typically very interested in advisor insight; tell them your thoughts and plans in response to current events and financial news.

Personal connection

When clients divulge all their financial information, they also share their goals and dreams. When life changes occur - good or bad - they tell you. Clients value that trust. A great way to reciprocate - tell personal stories that can help them connect with you. Do you coach little league? Did you adopt a pet? Send a picture or tell a story that shows you're more than their advisor, you're a person with experiences and challenges just like many others.

Company news

Let your clients in on some aspects of the business. What are you doing as a firm? As an advisor? Sharing examples of continuous improvements with clients - whether in staff, processes or systems - reinforces that your company culture is client-focused. Consider adding a follow up item to every committee meeting: were significant decisions made that highlight your firm's commitment to always reach higher? Share them.


With email templates, interest fields, recurring actions, and even client web portal ClientView Live, Junxure makes it possible to connect with your clients. For more information contact sales@junxure.com.

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