Healthcare Planning: Key Issues for 2014

By ByAllAccounts, Podcast Series on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Earlier this month ByAllAccounts held a webinar on healthcare advising in a rapidly changing market. During this event, three experts in the healthcare field discussed different aspects of healthcare planning including trends, client examples, and the insurance products that are available.

In the following podcast Maura Carley, President and CEO of Healthcare Navigation, LLC discusses key issues in healthcare planning for 2014.

These issues include:

  • Elimination of medical underwriting in 45 state individual insurance marketplaces (5 states already guaranteed issue)

  • Conformity with ACA benefit requirements of EHB and metal tiers

  • State environments continue to vary – Medicaid, exchanges, whether individual policy holders could keep non-compliant policies, out-of-network benefits

  • Initial Enrollment Period ends March 31, 2014 (unless it is extended).  Individuals locked in to plan choice unless having a qualifying event

  • Individuals must demonstrate coverage in effect for 2014 or pay penalty (unless delayed)

  • Even with standardization, many variables for consumers to consider

Watch the full webinar replay here.

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