Building your circle of influence with healthcare pros

By ByAllAccounts, Podcast Series on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

If you are a regular reader of our blog you know that we’ve been running a series designed to help advisors with their healthcare planning needs.  These blogs include tips for providing clients with LTC, estimating healthcare expenses, and 5 facts you need to know about medicare.  Making the case to provide healthcare planning capabilities will vary by firm depending in part on the demographics of your clients.  The decision on what level your firm will support it requires careful consideration.

If your firm has decided to support healthcare planning on some level then having healthcare experts in your professional network to turn to will be important.  We recently conducted a national survey of financial professionals on their need to build their circle of influence with healthcare pros.

ByAllAccounts Q1/Q2 2014 Survey:
(Responses among those who ask about anticipated healthcare and insurance costs/needs when completing an investment policy statement)

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