Are you ready for a blizzard this summer?

When it’s cold outside and snow is all around us we are more likely to think about the potential for some sort of disruption to our business.  We are more likely to pay attention to the weather forecast and wonder if we will lose power.  We are more likely to consider if we will be trying to work from home because roads are not passable. 

So now that the weather is nice and the sun is shining, the last thing on our minds is how - or even if - our data is backed up and whether or not we could keep our business running if something were to go wrong.  In fact, now is the best time to consider how well your business, your data and your workflow are protected, time to anticipate, plan for and test out your disaster recovery plan.  It puts you and your business in a proactive position rather than a reactive one.  It allows you the opportunity to think through scenarios and make necessary changes and enhancements prior to actually needing them. 

With a solid plan that outlines all procedures in the event of a disaster, you are better prepared to react and successfully sustain your business in any situation.  A key component to this process is to regularly test your Business Continuity Plan to ensure that it is truly working as designed and that everyone involved knows their tasks and responsibilities.   Further, due to increased regulatory focus on cybersecurity and disaster recovery, one of our clients stated, “It is no longer just a luxury to have a solid solution for back-up and recovery of data.” 

UNAPEN offers ITComplete DATASAFE™ to provide both automated onsite and offsite back up of data as well the ability to quickly enable a single virtualized server on your local network or to virtualize all your protected systems in our bi-coastal datacenters.  This comprehensive solution protects access to your data in the event of accidental file deletion, a failed server and even loss of your entire network.

What’s the difference?

But you’ve heard this before from several vendors, so what’s the difference?  The huge differentiator is when you are creating or updating your Business Continuity Plan with your vendor and you say “Axys” but they hear “Access”, you say “Moxy” and they think “tasty drink” instead of trading system.  After 18 years of providing disaster recovery solutions to financial services firms around the country, we’ve heard some funny stories about vendors, but it’s not funny for long. Do the work to find the right vendor that knows your business and your critical software platforms and you won’t get caught in a blizzard in July.

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