ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series: Interactive Advisory Software LLC

By ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series on Thursday, August 7th, 2014

ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series: Interactive Advisory Software LL

Interactive Advisory Software LLC
3393 Bargaintown Road
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

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About the company:
Interactive Advisory Software LLC (IAS) has two locations – Headquarters in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ and an office in Marietta, GA with 64 total employees.  The IAS application provides an effective solution for over 60b in AUA with 100’s of thousands of accounts. 

About the CEO
Nathan Berk joined Interactive Advisory Software as Chief Executive Officer in August, 2012 with the acquisition by Hanlon Financial Group.  Prior to that Nathan was the Chief Information Officer with Hanlon Investment Management (HIM).  In that role he was responsible for formulating the strategic information technology goals and plans for the company and leading the implementation through the direct management of the technical teams.  His efforts helped propel the RIA well beyond the industry average 11% growth by implementing the technology tools to scale to the current 4.0 b in AUM.

Became a ByAllAccounts reseller: January 2008 
What the firm does:
Interactive Advisory Software has the Wealth Management Platform to support an RIA, Hybrid Broker Dealer or Family Office. 
Most RIAs, Hybrid RIAs, Broker Dealers or Family Offices expertise is wealth management and running successful businesses’, but rarely do they have the technical expertise to create robust, end-to end technical solutions that are required to service their clients.  Even firms with technology skills frequently come to the conclusion that these efforts are better left to dedicated vendors that can amortize the significant costs in developing and maintaining a platform.  In addition to choosing or building a software solution, the industry then requires pristine data through daily reconciliation in order to produce accurate performance reports. If these two steps weren’t enough, the firm must then batch print reports and bills to invoice, debit, and export to the various custodial platforms. 
IAS offers not only an end-to-end integrated web-application but also a robust service bureau to outsource those manual, time-consuming tasks.We contend that the core commodity technology services like performance reporting, billing, rebalancing, financial planning, CRM and client portal are most harmonious when they are able to seamlessly interact with one another. We also recognize the innovation which can spark around integration, thus IAS supports a bi-directional API that is available to exchange information with third-party applications. Since our founding in 2001, the motivation behind our “one solution” technology platform has been to help our customers manage and grow their businesses with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency; and we will continue to do so with each service and platform enhancement we make available to our customer base.
In the News: (recent publications, notable accomplishments, etc)
IAS in Investment News: 5 Ways To Improve Your Tech Evaluation Process21. Jul, 2014 • by Steve
Without careful planning, your technology can become more of a “ball and chain” than a means of growing your practice. Before you know it, you’ll have several very different applications, a web of data passing between systems and a list of impressively marketed features you don’t really need. You can handle this situation in a […]
More from IAS:

How has having access to virtually any data source helped your advisory clients grow their business?
IAS builds a broad wealth management application and the data needed for a complete picture is, more often than not, very extensive.  Our clients have benefited from the ability to access aggregate data by automating the collection of away held asset for planning, billing, and rebalancing.  

Can you provide a real life client example of how your integration with ByAllAccounts has allowed you to provide better client service?
An IAS user was able to eliminate a tedious time consuming manual data collection task over a wide variety of data sources eliminating significant staff time. That time was recycled and instead meant more frequent client meetings, and more time to strategize client growth plans. In addition to the time saved, the data provided from ByAllAccounts also provided the firm with a greater depth of information allowing points of analysis.

A quote for the page margin:
“When you ask advisors what they wish they had more of in their practice, ‘time’ is a popular answer.  No one has yet figured out a way to package time.  At Interactive Advisory Software we have created an all-in-one solution that brings together the technological components of an effective firm: CRM, financial planning, client portals, account rebalancing, billing, reporting, and thanks to ByAllAccounts, data aggregation.  The result is more time.  Advisors have more time to spend with clients, to spend on management, and to spend growing their practice.”
- Nathan Berk,  CEO, Interactive Advisory Software

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