3 Tell-tale Signs Your Advisor Website Needs a Refresh

In 2013, 67% of advisors we talked to said they were not happy with their existing websites. While it’s not realistic to redesign your firm’s website annually, the gaining pace in the tech world makes every website a constant work-in-progress. Taking on a new website project may not sound like a walk in the park, but a site redesign can have a lasting positive impact on any advisory firm.

How do you know when it’s time for a complete overhaul of your firm’s site? Here are three tell-tale signs:

1. Low traffic and conversions
Numbers don’t lie. The biggest reason to give your website a refresh is when no one is using it. Best practice is to track and measure numbers on a monthly basis using Google Analytics. If you notice a drop in traffic or stagnant numbers over the course of at least one quarter – looks like it’s time to try something new.

2. It’s not a proper (or realistic or positive) representation of your firm
Prospects who have never met you can make an impression of the firm based on it’s website – in less than three seconds. Your website is the only member of your team working 24/7 to promote and advocate your financial firm… does it send a positive message to your target audience? If you don’t even like the way it looks, chances are neither do consumers.

3. It’s not relevant in 2014
While, I’m not suggesting a complete website redesign is necessary every year, consider some of the major changes in technology in the past five years: more people access the internet from a mobile device than a desktop computer; Flash animations are no longer a “thing;” Google is the new Yellow Pages.

If it is time for a website rehaul, the best way to get ready is to do a little prep work. Many advisors find web design quite daunting and complicated, and with good reason. It can be challenging to assemble the necessities to get started, but, with the right people on the job it’s not nearly as difficult a challenge as it may seem.

Maggie Crowley is Marketing Manager at Advisor Websites where she manages the company's online presence. A graduate of Georgia Southern University, Maggie specializes in developing inbound marketing strategies. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®). Connect with Maggie: @crowleymaggie


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