How Financial Advisors Can Use Video to Grow Business & Client Relationships

As you know, the marketing team at ByAllAccounts uses videos to communicate with clients and prospects.  We asked Joe Eldridge, Founder/VP of Marketing & Delivery at VisibleGains, an online marketing video service provider, to give some tips on how financial advisors can use video too.

How can independent financial advisors take advantage of video?

At its core, having a successful business is about building trust, and establishing a certain amount of authenticity in the relationship. Video is a great way to create those relationships. If you don’t often see your customer face-to-face, or if you have a relationship that’s remote, video is a unique way to connect.

In what ways can advisors use videos to acquire new customers?

If you’re trying to acquire new customers, using video for thought leadership is a great idea. For example:

  • Using a small video that talks about a change in tax regulations that creates an opportunity for folks to change their investment strategy
  •  Maybe doing a video around a new investment vehicle
  •  Or even just doing some videos on best practices for how people should think about financial planning, maybe based upon what stage they are in their life. 

Those are all good topics that can easily be put into a short video. Then you can use those videos in your blog, you can send them as part of emails when you’re introducing yourself to people, or you can even share them with customers or partners of yours that can forward them on as a referral.

How can videos be used to build trust and a personal relationship?

If you’re having a conversation with a prospect, and now you want to really build trust with them, and convert them, one way is to use video to do a quick follow-up. So if you meet with somebody, afterwards you can send them a quick video saying, “It was good to meet you today, I put together a couple of materials for you based upon what we talked about.” Then, in that video you include a couple links to other materials that they can look at to learn more about either your services, or the general area you were talking about in your meeting.

How can videos be utilized for retaining customers?

On retaining customers, often you can use material that you generally use a little higher up on the funnel, but focus it more on your existing customers. You might do a quick video that says, “I just wanted to let you know about this new opportunity, and here’s how you might want to take advantage of it.” And that might include a call-to-action to have them phone you, or schedule a meeting so that you can advise them on how to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Those are all different ways that you can use videos to your advantage across the customer lifecycle for a financial advisory firm.

Joe Eldridge has more than 15 years experience in designing and implementing innovative and successful marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C companies.  Over the last 4 years, this has been highly focused on developing product solutions that use video throughout the sales and marketing funnel.  As a co-founder of VisibleGains, Joe is also responsible for marketing and thought leadership around video while working with customers to ensure success in their own campaigns.



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