ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series: Archway Technology Partners

By ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series on Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Archway Technology Partners

9100 Keystone Crossing
Suite 830
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Main: (317) 819-5500
Sales (866) 775-9994, (317) 819-5501

New York: Dennis Mangalindan
VP Sales & Marketing

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We address questions that emerge during the sales process in our website FAQ blog section

About the company:

Archway Technology Partners (Archway) is a software company whose products support the accounting, investment management and reporting functions for Single Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, Investment Advisors and Hedge Funds. Archway’s technology platform, ATWeb, is a comprehensive web-deployed application that enables clients to simplify the operations and reporting of their firm through a single software solution. The firm has More than 60 employees and $115 billion assets on platform.

About the CEO

Jason Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Jason’s role spans oversight of strategic growth and detailed day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer. As the founding member of Archway Technology Partners, Inc., Jason is focused on an internal culture of client service and external execution. Prior to founding Archway, Jason created Keystone International, an Indianapolis-based hedge fund management firm. Relationships with Archway’s senior management team were forged at MarketSphere Consulting and Arthur Andersen, where Jason served in application services roles.

Became a ByAllAccounts reseller: May 2013

What the firm does:

Archway provides an enterprise Web-deployed solution called ATWeb that supports the accounting, investment management and reporting functions for single and multi-family offices, investment advisors and hedge funds. The software platform integrates a full general ledger with a portfolio management system to support portfolio, fund and partnership accounting.

Other platforms address specific back office or operations tasks within wealth management firms. In fact, most firms require multiple applications/systems for accounting, portfolio tracking and reporting. ATWeb is unique as an all-in-one solution that addresses these tasks and more, for groups that include accounting/tax, client relations, investment advisory and executives.

Archway Finance & Operations, a sister firm to Archway Technology Partners, is a fund administration company that provides clients with an outsourced solution for back office operations, including data processing, aggregation and reconciliation functions, client reporting and tax preparation support. It handles more than $16+ billion in assets under administration (AUA) and was recently ranked #23 in AUA by

In the News: (recent publications, notable accomplishments, etc)

Archway is dedicated to serving current and prospective clients with resources to educate and improve performance. We recently partnered with TrustedFamily to develop Internet Security for Family Offices: 10 Steps to Protect Online Information, a guide for family offices to establish best practices and encourage employee participation.

Visit Archway’s online Resources for wealth management guides and information, including:

  • White papers:

    • 7 Technology Innovations for Wealth Management Infographic and Guide

    • ​Optimize the Creation of Performance Reporting

    • The True Definition of Integration

    • ​Excel is Not a Database

  • Sample Reports

  • Solution Sheets

  • ​ATWeb Demo

Webinar recordings available:

How has having access to virtually any data source helped your advisory clients grow their business?

Archway’s advisory clients can offer their end clients a holistic view of holdings across custodial, bank and brokerage accounts and retirement assets that may be in held away accounts like 401K and IRAs.Offering our advisory firm clients an overall asset allocation view containing many accounts helps them offer insights. It helps them demonstrate that they truly know and see the complete picture.

In addition, operations team members spend less time gathering and manually inputting data into multiple systems, which results in fewer errors. When financial data streams directly into ATWeb’s staging table, our advisory clients can review, reconcile and process data. It then posts to the Portfolio Module and General Ledger. At this point, clients can produce portfolio, performance and profit and loss reporting as of yesterday’s market close.

Can you provide a real life client example of how your integration with ByAllAccounts has allowed you to provide better client service?

Incorporating ByAllAccounts technology into the Archway product offering has helped us focus on expanding features and functionality within our flagship platform, ATWeb. ByAllAccounts’ data integrations are complementary to our own native integrations. They take data capture functionality to a new level by providing access to numerous institutions around the world. With development time freed up, we can address other requests from clients and ensure implementations are run more smoothly.

Before choosing to work with an aggregation provider, what challenges would you encounter in your daily operations?

Archway can build integrations to any third party institution, but it isn’t always efficient or cost effective to do so. The work would often take 8-16 weeks depending on the organization, and it would include scoping, testing and validation for a variety of data components. Working with ByAllAccounts allows Archway to accommodate clients in nearly any scenario and simplify one aspect of the software implementation process.

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