ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series: AllBackoffice Consulting

By ByAllAccounts Reseller Spotlight Series on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

AllBackOffice Consulting, LLC

216 South Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Edenton, NC 27932
Tel: (919) 741-6104 option 1 - Sales, 2 – Support

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Twitter = @allbackoffice

About the Company

AllBackoffice Consulting (ABC) delivers a premium outsource and back office technology and operations consulting service, as well as an advisor and end-client facing web-based Reportal platform.  Our core services include Outsourced Portfolio Accounting and Performance Reporting, Hosted Server Solutions, Comprehensive Technology Assessment and Management Plan, Custom Reporting and Custom Development, web-based reporting and end client Reportal.  AllBackoffice has ~25 Billion in assets under administration across ~77 Independent RIA practices.This includes ~20 sole practitioners and ~10 enterprise RIAs. AllBackoffice supports a range of IT and operational services with a team of 19 at this time.

About the CEO

With over 20 years of experience in the independent RIA niche, Julien Mordecai is Founder and CEO of AllBackoffice Consulting.Born in raised in Nicaragua and later Raleigh, NC, Julien graduated from North Carolina State University with a double major in Business and Spanish Literature.After a brief sting with IBM, Julien started out in service at Schwab Performance Technologies in the early days of Centerpiece to become head of sales.In 2002, Julien helped launch the outsourcing and web-overlay platform for etelligent consulting, which was later sold to Schwab.In 2009, Julien started AllBackoffice Consulting, to provide a more comprehensive service and consultative operations and technology solutions company to the RIA industry.Julien’s passion is helping advisors achieve their goals of serving their clients and achieving their dreams for their practices.Julien believes in the traditional vision and values of the independent RIA fiduciary and has built AllBackoffice around the same principles of providing a low conflict of interest, with a high quality service model for technology and operations consulting and support.

Contact Info:

Julien Mordecai

Became a ByAllAccounts reseller: June 2009

In the News

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How has having access to virtually any data source helped your advisory clients grow their business? Our advisors leverage ByAllAccounts with our support to help them provide a more comprehensive asset management service, as well as greater vision into their client’s true portfolio allocations.  Many of our advisors charge asset management fees for service on these accounts, or may choose to provide monitoring services only.  AllBackoffice provides turnkey support for ByAllAccounts, so advisors can simply monetize the decision, as apposed to manage the process themselves or manage staff as they learn to use the solution.

Can you provide a real life client example of how your integration with ByAllAccounts has allowed you to provide better client service? A great example of how ByAllAccounts has been a terrific help is our recent conversion of 250 manually entered accounts into PortfolioCenter for one of our advisory clients that had been updating data in PortfolioCenter by hand-keying from statements.  The main benefits are a savings in staff time and frustration, a more complete and detailed accounting of activity and performance and a daily update, to allow for our web-based reporting engine to provide daily aggregate portfolio reporting!

Before choosing to work with an aggregation provider, what challenges would you encounter in your daily operations? Aggregation technology was a must-have for AllBackoffice.  Prior to working with ByAllAccount, we assisted our advisory clients by either manually entering account data from statements, or using a combination of spreadsheets and other tools in order to import data into PortfolioCenter.  As a custom software shop, we also built some tools for data import on a one-off basis, but ByAllAccounts is certainly a one of our key vendors in helping RIAs serve their clients more fully and cost effectively!

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