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By Cynthia Stephens, VP of Marketing, ByAllAccounts on Monday, December 22nd, 2014

How Wealthy Families are Using Text Messaging and Portals to Communicate
By Cynthia Stephens, VP of Marketing, ByAllAccounts

How many of us regularly send text messages?  We are all active users of mobile devices including iPads, other tablets and Smartphones.  Our clients are too.  In fact it is common for people to use more than one device for an activity (i.e., multi-screens) such as checking a bank balance on a Smartphone and then switching to a larger-screen tablet to make a transfer between accounts.

How Advisors and Clients Demonstrate Trust
By Rosemary Smyth, MBA, ACC, Author

Trust can mean different things to different people. Trust is also a function of both character and competence. To demonstrate trust, we need to see it in action. For some advisors, establishing and extending trust can be accomplished quite quickly. If there is trust between an advisor and a client, you’ll see more effective communication and collaboration and of course, having a reputation of trust is priceless.

Is Outsourcing for You? Five Things to Consider
By Peter Dugery, Senior Vice President, National Sales, Morningstar Investment Services

Every industry and service goes through periods of change. Sometimes, they’re lightning-fast. More often, they play out in a steady, deliberate way. For the past thirteen years, I’ve traveled and worked with advisors across the country. Along the way, I’ve witnessed one of these seminal shifts: the move to outsourcing investment management.

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