Best of Blogs: Marketing/Social Media

How Social Media Can Help Advisors Carve Out their Niche
By Amy Sitnick, Senior Marketing Manager, SEI Advisor Network

Why is niche marketing important? It helps you understand your clients’ needs and narrow your audience so you can market to a more finite group of clients with similar planning needs. Once you’ve established a niche, the ultimate goal is to be referred within that niche.

Real-Time Marketing Applies to Advisors Too
By Cynthia Stephens, VP of Marketing, ByAllAccounts

Marketing isn’t about skill in creating brochures (e.g., positioning statements, marketing materials, assembling databases).  Rather, it is about making a connection with someone. Making connections is something financial advisors do for a living – build deep, and often personal, relationships with clients.

Making the Most of Your Conference Experience
By Bill McGuire, Principal, W.M.McGuire Integrated Marketing

Conferences, seminars, workshops and other types of gathering are one of the most valuable resources for those in the advisor community. There are significant opportunities to benefit from the educational, networking, and business development components of these events. But like any other business activity, proper planning is essential.

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