Advisors’ Morning Cup of Links: Blogging, De-stressing, and Getting Feedback

By John Anderson, Managing Director, SEI Advisor Network on Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Roads were closed on Monday night, flights were cancelled, and everybody braced for the huge snowstorm that never came to Philadelphia. All the dire predictions of 5-20 inches of snow failed to materialize. On Tuesday, our sons’ school was closed in anticipation of #Snowmageddon2015 (which of course means both my wife and I had to work from home, instead of heading to our respective office, as we shared the kid oversight duty.) Maybe you saw the reports of weathermen (weatherpeople?) sending out apologies via Twitter and Facebook or press conferences with sullen-looking government officials trying to explain how they all got it wrong. Sure they missed the mark this time, but to me, they did it for the right reasons (safety). And frankly, I don’t mind if it happens again. I got to spend the day sitting by a fire and catching up on some long-needed reading.

Get blogging
Since you are reading this blog, hopefully you realize that blogging is a great way to communicate your message and show some personality. Years ago, a prospect would call you based on a referral from a family member or friend. Today, when they get referred, the first thing they do is to search the Internet for you. Tony Vidler, an advisor to advisors in New Zealand, wrote  8 Reasons that Advisors Should be Blogging in 2013 – and it’s as relevant today as it was then. Tony’s post does a great job of reinforcing the point that getting your thoughts out there is a great differentiator in this business.

Take care of yourself and your clients
I’ve been reading and linking to Dan Richards’ articles for years now. Dan’s year-end piece “Your Most Important Resolution for 2015” really hit home with me. One of the biggest issues we face is not only our clients’ mortality, but our own. What are you doing to reduce the stress in your life and your business? Read Dan’s post and think about how you can resolve to reduce stress for you and your team.

Don’t ask for referrals; engage instead
If you are trying to grow your business (and who isn’t) by asking for referrals, you are probably not getting a great response. This post by Julie Littlechild  – Three-Quarters of Clients who Referred their Advisor Were Asked for This – goes into a survey of over 1,200 clients who describe that client engagement drives referrals more than advisors simply asking for them. You can also download her full report from her post.

The next time the forecast calls for a big snowstorm, I’ll be blogging, meditating, and not asking for referrals. What will you be doing when the big one doesn’t hit?

John Anderson is a contributor for Practically Speaking and also serves as a managing director for the SEI Advisor Network.

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