4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

By Barbara Kotlyar, Senior Marketing Manager on Friday, May 6th, 2011

  1. Welcome your subscribers. When someone first subscribes or opts into your emails or newsletters send them a warm, personal message to create rapport with your prospect. This email should say something informal like, “Hey, really good to see you here, hope you enjoy the content. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments, I love getting feedback.” It’s a good idea to send this message as text only, rather than HTML, so that it has a more personal feel. Also make sure you monitor any replies to your emails and send thoughtful, personal replies to each message.
  2. Make it personal. It’s better to use an individual person’s name in the “From” field, rather than the name of a firm/company. Anything you can do to increase the intimate nature of emails just makes sense.
  3. Be careful with your subject lines. You want to make sure that the subject line reflects the valuable content you are going to provide. Provocative subject lines can sometimes make people think that they’ve been tricked into opening an email, if the content does not deliver. The point of an email campaign is to create trust and build a relationship, so make sure your subject lines are helping your cause. A few more words on subject lines: The shorter they are the better. Use urgency with care—when every message you send is urgent, no one will believe you. Use urgency when it’s actually useful, such as when there’s a compelling reason to act now or a deadline for an offer.
  4. Have an engaging opening. The first few sentences of your email should make your reader want more by actively engaging them. An easy way to do that is to open in one of the following ways:

    • Ask a question
    • Tell a story
    • State a surprising statistic
    • Use an analogy
    • Start with a quote 
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