Great Technology Advice Takes a Gentle Touch

Few things have impacted the world and how we interact with it as much as technology. With so many gadgets and gizmos popping up over the years to keep people connected, many are a bit confused over exactly which piece of equipment is the right solution for them. This is why technology advice needs to be relevant to the demographic being addressed – not all things are for all people. For some retirees, technology can seem intimidating, but it’s important that they know it provides a valuable service. After all, staying connected with their money and investments is an important task. Registered investment advisors helping their clients with technology should make sure to use a gentle hand to have the maximum impact.

Take Nothing for Granted
Everybody is different, and has different needs when it comes to technology. Life experience and other factors usually come into play with retirees. Basically, those exposed to more tech during their careers require less input than someone getting their first smartphone – and just as you shouldn’t assume your client knows everything they need to about technology, you shouldn’t assume that they don’t know anything, either. Nothing should be taken for granted during a consulting session, and advisors should be prepared to do some research if a client asks them a question they don’t know the answer to.

Customize & Personalize the Advice
One surefire way to help clients feel more comfortable with technology is to personalize your advice. The different between handing someone an instructional pamphlet and sitting down for a face-to-face meeting is huge. Everyone has different technology needs, and the number of options available can be intimidating. The time it takes to explain terminology, abbreviations, and other tech jargon is going to be different for every client, but worth spending so that each one feels confident navigating their financial health online at whatever level of involvement they prefer. Getting an idea of the needs of the investor before giving them advice is always the best path forward.

Be Prepared to Address Security
Few technology topics get as much media coverage as cybersecurity, and for good reason. When it comes to finances and accessing personal information, you should be prepared to address specific concerns regarding the security of your clients’ data and information by familiarizing yourself with the basic security systems you use. Developing trust by providing answers to security questions means honest and open communication. Your clients have worked a lifetime to accumulate their savings, and protecting it is a priority.

In the end, technology advice requires a gentle and guiding hand. By providing customized advice, taking nothing for granted, and being prepared for security questions, advisors will inspire their clients to stay in touch with their money and ease their concerns at the same time.

 Carlos Coutin is Financial Services Technology Strategist at Envision Consulting, He is passionate about RIAs and entrepreneurship, something that led him in his quest to advise people like him, who want to make the best possible tech decisions without stress and with intelligence. Visit his website at You can email Carlos at: and follow him on Twitter @carlos_coutin.

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