10 Ways to Make Email Marketing Work for You

A recent study shows that close to half (49%) of consumers share content online at least once a week, with the majority being shared via email (86%). Email sharing even beat out Facebook (49%) and Twitter (4%). By marketing your content via email, you tap into a great opportunity to create valuable content that your recipients will want to share. How?

1) Be Helpful

Summarize timely and newsworthy blog topics and include links to relevant news articles. This will provide interesting information to your readers, position you as an expert, and encourage people to look to you for even more helpful tips. You never know when someone might be in need of your services. Your email might show up at just the right time to convert a lead into a client.

2) Entice Action

Email offers with strong calls-to-action often generate immediate results. Everyone likes a good deal; and specials and downloads increase the potential of your email being shared. Exclusive offers also strengthen relationships and build trust. Provide a reason for the reader to do more than skim your email and delete it, such as a registering for your blog updates or downloading a white paper.

3) Get Personal

As an independent financial advisor, personal connections are the foundation of your practice. Your clients will trust you more if they see you as a real person. You have to remain professional, but don’t be afraid to let some of your personality come through in emails. The more engaged readers are with you, the more likely they will be to call or refer you to friends.

4) Save time, money, and resources

Printing newsletters and stuffing envelopes takes valuable time and resources. You can reach more people for less money by sending an e-newsletter than spending $.44 per stamp. Put the money saved toward creating an e-book or whitepaper to further grow your practice.

5) Deliver a professional image

There’s no need to hire a designer or IT team to use email marketing. Use an email marketing company like AWeber, which provides hundreds of professional-looking templates. You can customize each email with your logo, firm colors and photos. When your clients and prospects get an email from a company they recognize, they are more apt to read and trust the content.

6) Track metrics and stats

The metrics and tracking tools offered with email marketing services also allow you to see exactly what happens once the email is delivered. Track who opens your email, what links are clicked and if it was forwarded. Tracking is also a great way to see what topics your clients and prospects find interesting.

7) Target specific clients

The clients who want information about retirement plans may not be the same clients looking for guidance on college funds. Break your client list into specific target markets and create content that delivers value to them. Personalizing the content will make them feel that you know what they need, which will cultivate the relationship.

8) Boost site traffic

Email marketing is a great tool for promoting your website and blog. In each email, include links to your sites with calls-to-action that encourage click-throughs. Remember, the people reading your blog may not be the same people signed up for your newsletter. It’s okay to repurpose interesting information to keep everyone engaged and informed.

9) Share through social media

Expand the reach of your e-newsletter through social media. When clients or prospects see your post, they may share your expertise with all of their friends and followers, promoting your firm to people you don’t even know.

10) Increase your ROI

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email brings in more than $43 for every $1 invested (4300% ROI), making it a highly valuable marketing tool for financial advisors.

If you are collecting email addresses (a great best practice) use them. Email is an important marketing tool that creates a direct connection to clients and prospects and can increase your bottom line (Click Here for more tips to improve your email marketing). 

TJ Gilsenan is the Founder and President of The Interactive Advisor. A firm specializing in online financial advisor marketing, WordPress website design, and social media for financial advisors.   Prior to founding Interactive Advisor, he worked with independent advisors – primarily for Schwab Intuitional – for 18 years. He can be reached at tj.gilsenan@theinteractiveadvisor.com 


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