5 Reasons to Hire Interns At Your Advisory Firm – And 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Them

Summer is here – and internship season is in full swing!

As the authors of this blog, we write from an intern’s perspective. We’re both currently interns at ByAllAccounts – and based on our experiences at the firm (as well as other internships during our brief careers), we are both convinced of the benefits of being an intern and hiring an intern. So…we’d like to pass along some insights on why it makes sense for you to bring interns on board. Or if you’ve already gone ahead and hired interns to support your business, we have some tips on how to get the most out of them.

Here are the top five reasons to hire – along with five guidelines on how you can maximize your interns’ contributions to growing your business:

Reason to hire #1 – We are eager to learn and are used to absorbing information quickly. Nowadays, an education isn’t all you need to be successful post-college – you also need work experience. An internship is a stepping stone to a career, which means that as interns we are eager to learn as much as we possibly can from you. Even if we figure out halfway through our internships that the financial services industry is not where we want to start our career, the work experience is invaluable.

Get the most out of it #1 – Make time to teach us. When you hire an intern, it is important to teach them what your company does, explain your goals, and train them on your best practices. Set aside 30 minutes of your time to meet with them at the beginning of each week so you can make them aware of your expectations and outline the tasks you want accomplished. Your time is limited and precious, but a small investment and a commitment to communication with your intern will save you time in the future – not to mention it will make them feel valued.

Reason to hire #2 – We grew up with technology, the internet and social media, so we know how to leverage it to support your business. We tend to understand social media in a way that many business owners and people in the “older generation” simply “don’t get.” That’s because we’ve grown up with social networking. We can use our knowledge and experience to help you connect with younger prospects and clients who frequently use social media – and are traditionally some of the hardest people to reach. Quite simply, we’ll give you an “in” with potential investors who are just starting out, and could be with your firm for a long, long time.

Get the most out of it #2 – Use our tech-savvy abilities to your advantage. You might not want 21-year-olds representing your company on social media, but you can let us help guide the way. Give us an opportunity to help develop your social media strategy. Or have us create content for your approval. Just purchased a new CRM or portfolio management system? Let us figure out how to leverage the technology to support your business.

Reason to hire #3 – We bring a fresh perspective. If given the opportunity to share, we often have new ideas about how to do things. We are taught to question the ways “the fundamentals” are done, which can often be valuable in helping you to identify problems and come up with new solutions. 

Get the most out of it #3 – Empower us to share our thoughts and ideas. Even if you’re not able to use our exact suggestions, you can count on us for thought-provoking ideas. We might help you start thinking about a potential improvement that could take your business to the next level.

Reason to hire #4 – We want to leave our mark and are looking to impress you. Usually an internship lasts for a short, fixed amount of time – so there’s not a lot of time to make a lasting impression. This means that we are going to work like crazy to do a great job and achieve whatever goals we are given. Whether you assign us tasks that relate to the technology, marketing, research, client relations or any other area of your advisory firm, we’ll approach them with maximum effort and determination.

Get the most out of it #4 – Treat us as legitimate contributors. We realize that we won’t be given the most important work, but don’t simply relegate us to copying, watering the plants in the office, and doing coffee runs. Let us own something and see it through – start to finish.

Reason to hire #5 – Everyone benefits. You get inexpensive labor and we get hands-on, real world experience. You’re able to:

  • Test out talent over the short term – usually over a period of 4-months – so you can decide if you want to hire the person long-term
  • Find an eager contributor who will start projects and test ideas you haven’t had time for in the past

Get the most out of it #5 – Give us responsibilities and utilize our abilities. For your business to truly benefit from hiring interns, you need to learn what our talents are. Understand our specialties and give us tasks that allow us to develop those talents. Make the goals of the tasks clear and empower us to make basic decisions – this will make our contributions all the more effective and long-lasting.

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