Blog Entries in Held-away/Outside Assets

Blog Entries in Held-away/Outside Assets

Simplifying the Mystery Around Accessing Held-Away Account Data

Getting data into an account or a reporting platform can be a bit complicated. To start, you will need to decide among several types of data feeds when you are pulling in information. Consider your goals: Do you want to report only on your traditional custodial assets? Would you like to provide your clients with a holistic “total” view of all their resources so you can more completely advise them on their options?..Read More »

Five Tips for Using Transparency to Create Competitive Advantage

Jack Waymire, Founder, Paladin Research & Registry

Last month, Paladin Research surveyed 100 high quality advisors and asked them to describe how they used transparency to help them market financial advice and services to investors. 11 advisors said they used transparency in their marketing. Amazingly, only 23 of the advisors in the survey agreed on a frequently used definition for transparency. It turned out there were a number of descriptions for an investor-friendly process that should be used by more advisors...Read More »