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Bring Big Data Power to Your Client Accounts

By Martin Dickau, CTO, ByAllAccounts on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

What does Big Data have to do with the asset harvesting opportunities financial account aggregation provides? Should independent advisors be listening to the buzz?..Read More »

Unsettled Markets Demand Full-Spectrum Risk Management

This summer is already starting to feel a lot like last year. If you’re not already watching every aspect of your clients’ finances, the time to start is now...Read More »

Clients are Comparison Shopping

..Read More »

We Know Clients Love "Holistic" Advisors, But What Does That Mean?

By Scott Martin, Senior Editor, on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

It’s one thing to divide the industry into advisors who give their clients a 360-degree view and those who don’t. Positioning yourself as one of the must-have relationships takes a little more work. At this point, everyone in the wealth management business is aware that investors would rather work with an advisor who exceeds the minimum expected level of service. As ByAllAccounts and the advisor benchmarking gurus at Paladin Registry discovered a few weeks ago in a national survey of investors, clients are increasingly inclined to move their assets if they find an advisor who goes an extra inch, much less an extra mile...Read More »

If You’re Not Managing 401(k) Assets, You’re Leaving Money On The Table

How many of your clients pay attention to their 401(k) investments? I mean, really pay attention? Zero, right? So, how do you deal with your clients’ 401(k) investments? I’ll bet that every year or two, when meeting with a client, you might look at a recent 401(k) statement. You’ll tell the client how to adjust the allocations and that’ll be it for another year or two. If this describes your practice, you’re leaving money on the table!..Read More »

Frustrated Investors Are Firing Advisors Who Don’t Provide 360-Degree Service

By Scott Martin, Senior Editor, on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Big opportunities for wealth managers looking to gain referrals and add to their assets -- as long as they can keep their current clients happy. Years of Wall Street scandals, fiduciary failures and a sagging market have gotten under the skin of wealthy Americans. According to a recent survey, a full 60% of investors are currently considering firing their advisor and 44.7% have already terminated a relationship with an advisor in the past -- interestingly enough, the exact proportion giving referrals. These numbers reveal that if advisors are looking for an average of 16 new clients this year, they’re going to get them from each other -- and that they’ll have to fight for every prospect...Read More »

2012 Resolution - Become the "Trusted Advisor"!

As 2011 comes to a close, it is time to plan the goals for your advisory firm for 2012 and beyond. What are the New Year’s Resolutions for your firm? Hopefully, topping your list is a strategic plan to deepen your client relationships and truly position yourself as the “Trusted Advisor” for your clients. Earning this trust requires more than strong relationship management. It requires continual increases in value and service...Read More »

How to Boost Managed Assets Using Clients’ Financial Data

By Martin Dickau, CTO, ByAllAccounts on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Connecting all the data points in your clients' financial lives is key to unlocking new assets. Getting all those data points in the first place doesn’t have to be a grueling task...Read More »

Schwab IMPACT 2011: An Interview with ByAllAccounts CEO, James Carney

By Gary DeAsi, Marketing Coordinator, ByAllAccounts on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

See the video blog where James Carney, CEO of ByAllAccounts, is interviewed at the Schwab Impact 2011 Conference on how advisors can improve their practices with data aggregation technology. Just click the video link below, and in 3+ minutes, hear James explain how data aggregation enables advisory firms to:..Read More »

Why and How to Get Started with Data Aggregation: Part II – Communicating the Benefits to Your Clients

You may have heard from your peers that aggregating data on held-away accounts is an excellent way to increase AUM and revenue. Or perhaps you’ve seen its AUM-boosting capabilities for yourself. The questions are: How do you market data aggregation to your clients? How do you convince them of the many benefits it offers them that may not be available from competitive firms? There are four interrelated points you’ll want to make:..Read More »

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