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10 Killer Ideas for Financial Advisor Websites

By Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media on Friday, April 20th, 2012

Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media

You may have a great firm with a group of state-of-the art associates, but if your website fails to convey that excellence—you will miss out on a myriad of prospective clients. Below are some tips to help you create a web page that thoroughly communicates your professionalism...Read More »

10 Mobile Apps to Keep Financial Advisors Ahead of the Game

By Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media

Whether it’s an iPad, Blackberry, Macbook, iPhone, or Android, just about everyone owns a digital device to maintain global connectedness and communicate with co-workers, family, and friends with the mere touch of a screen. “Having the world in the palm of your hand” used to be a metaphor; today it’s a reality. Technology has not only changed the way we experience and interact with the world, it has also changed the way we do business...Read More »

Is Pinterest the Next Big Social Network? Learn How Financial Advisors Can Participate

Have you heard the hype about Pinterest? If not, its 73 million users make it worth checking out. Pinterest is on the cutting-edge of creative social media platforms. Comprised of virtual pinboards, it allows users to keep track of their favorite things—such as recipes, home décor, motivational blog posts, songs, and fashion. And just in case you were wondering, Martha Stewart wasn’t the founder of the site. And while it seems the platform is solely for crafty soccer moms in mini-vans, it could potentially be a powerful platform to not only promote your brand in a creative way, but to also pioneer the female demographic...Read More »

Three Ways Technology has Revolutionized Marketing and How Financial Professionals can Benefit from Them

By Amy McIlwain, President, Financial Social Media on Friday, January 20th, 2012

Can you remember back in the day, when you dialed in to get your “electronic” mail from AOL? Patiently waiting and trying to dial multiple numbers before finally making the connection? Personally, the sound of the computer buzzing away like it was making a cup of coffee heightened the anticipation of what awaited in my inbox. Back then there were not as many uses for a home computer than there are today, and some people struggled to understand why they needed to have this big bulky contraption on their desk. The idea of social media wasn’t even a glimmer on the horizon. Back then…a mere 15 years ago. Wow, does time fly!..Read More »

Financial Advisor Usage of Social Media in 2011: Network Usage, Results & Future Obstacles

By Amy McIlwain, President, Financial Social Media on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I attended a great webinar last week put on by Socialware: 2011 Year in Review: Social Media in Financial Services. Not only did the webinar recap and discuss some of the key highlights and trends throughout 2012, including new regulatory guidance like FINRA Notice 11-39 and large firms announcing their move from prohibition to participation, but the webinar also showcased advisor stats that continue to show interest in social media to drive business. These stats are what I’d like to share with you in this blog post – they showcase advisor usage of social media, the results they’ve achieved, as well as the obstacles that still exist. Let’s delve into these stats and discuss their implications on the financial services industry in 2012...Read More »

How to Generate More Leads Using Video

By Amy McIlwain, President, Financial Social Media on Friday, December 9th, 2011

..Read More »

Why Companies are Shifting from Old School Marketing to Social Media

By Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media on Friday, November 4th, 2011

Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media

I remember being a teenager, hopping on my bike, and setting off on the mile long journey to work. As I climbed the last hill a huge billboard would slowly emerge over the horizon. I stared at it intensely everyday, distracting myself from the pain burning in my legs. I always thought, why do they change it when they do? Who decides what to put on it? Why would they put that up there? We spend most of our lives being marketed to. Everywhere we go, we see ads for everything from cars to canned food. As technology changes, we move into a time where there is a computer in every home and 80% of Americans are using social media networking sites daily. How is this different from the days on my huffy?..Read More »

LinkedIn’s Updates to Company Pages Creates New Avenue for Social Engagement

By Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media on Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media

I woke up yesterday morning and began my normal routine of coffee and eggs, and then began scrolling through the barrage of emails on my Blackberry. With 50+ emails waiting to be read I initially skimmed right past the announcement from LinkedIn. However, when I later sat down at my computer I realized what an important announcement this was and the profound impact this will have on how companies interact with clients and prospect on the LinkedIn network. Here’s a breakdown of the updates and how you can implement them on your Company Profile...Read More »

The Seven Deadly Social Media Sins

By Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media

Between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn I’m connected with over 7,000 financial professionals and companies engaging in social media. While I’m thrilled to see so many people coming on board I’m also a bit horrified with some of the practices I’ve witnessed. Those who are doing it right are reaping the benefits, however, companies diving in too quickly without first learning to swim risk ruining it for everyone. Below are some of the biggest mistakes I’ve been seeing and how you can avoid them:..Read More »

What Financial Advisors Need to Know about Peer to Peer Lending

Amy McIIwain, President, Financial Social Media

The word "disintermediation" is not very common in a financial advisor's vocabulary. Typically, financial advisors work with intermediaries like banks and other financial institutions when managing their client’s finances. I mean, a financial advisor is an intermediary in and of itself – they act as the middle ground between a client and their finances. So what happens when a financial phenomenon starts to take over the social media world that essentially removes the need for an intermediary? The loan and investment service known as peer to peer lending is changing the financial lending landscape in drastic new ways. What if I told you that your clients could borrow money from a complete stranger, receive better interest rates than what most banks offer, and give the lender the opportunity to yield higher returns, all within a much shorter time period than the average loan and investment process? This is exactly what peer to peer lending does, and it’s a growing personal and business venture that's causing financial advisors to take another look at its pros and cons.....Read More »