Blog Entries by John Neff, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Xignite

Developing New Strategies for More Sophisticated Customers – How Advisors Can Leverage the Cloud

In the wake of the recent financial crisis, wealth management clients are more focused than ever on the value financial advisors deliver. While portfolio performance has always been an important element in the calculation of value, customer service remains the most critical factor in retaining customer assets. And a fundamental component of customer service is developing highly customized investment strategies that better fit the needs increasingly skeptical, and often increasingly sophisticated clients...Read More »

Staying Connected with Customers 24/7 – How Wealth Managers Can Improve Engagement

A key consideration driving financial advisors’ data management strategies is how to leverage data and technology to forge stronger client relationships. There’s been considerable buzz recently about emerging new technologies that have improved wealth management systems such as CRM and account aggregation. However, an area that’s still very much unexploited and rife with opportunity is the development of advisory-branded mobile applications...Read More »

Simplifying Market Data Management – How Wealth Managers Can Better Handle the Market Data Explosion

Market data is an integral component to critical wealth management systems across the front-, middle- and back-offices. From investment research to portfolio reporting, compliance and risk management to online customer portals, market data drives decision-making and provides enhanced transparency. Managing market data across all of these disparate systems has always been a challenge, but has become increasingly complex in recent years due to the explosive increase in the volume of market data. The daily flood of market data shows no sign of slowing down—in fact, experts project it to accelerate in the coming years. This means that market data management solutions must easily scale to meet the needs of tomorrow...Read More »

Top 5 Wealth Management Technology Challenges Addressed by the Cloud

By John Neff, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Xignite on Thursday, February 16th, 2012

As market data volumes continue to grow exponentially, so too does the burden on wealth managers and financial advisors to identify ways to harness the power of market data and transform it into a meaningful competitive advantage. What’s required is a cohesive market data management strategy that not only simplifies internal operations, but also lays the groundwork for tools that enhance engagement with customers...Read More »