Blog Entries by Jonathan Bentley, Executive Vice President, InvestCloud

A Divided Mind – Should The Markets Drive Your Value as an Advisor?

Jonathan Bentley, Executive Vice President, InvestCloud

Wealth managers commonly position themselves as having high service standards. According to current research, that claim may be more aspirational than actually true. What the research reveals is that despite claims of maintaining the highest standards of personal service, over half of wealth managers believe that the industry’s service quality trails far behind other HNW service providers...Read More »

Strategic Website Design for Advisors – Moving beyond text and images

Jonathan Bentley, Executive Vice President, InvestCloud

We are now well into the time when a firm’s website is the single most cost effective marketing and client service tool available. For that reason, advisors and money managers are starting to take their sites more seriously than ever before. As the largest developer of custom money manager and advisor websites in the US, InvestCloud, through its Light[Port] design group has built and managed over 500 sites in the last decade. In the last couple of years we have observed a change in advisor attitudes that we think is significant...Read More »