Blog Entries by Karla Paxton, Technical Relationship Manager, ByAllAccounts

Everything Advisors Need To Know About Outsourcing

Most financial advisors are already farming out non-core business functions to a third party. But how do you give up the reins if you’ve been doing it all yourself? Advisors who fought for their independence often start out with a do-it-yourself approach to every aspect of their business. That means running the client accounts from back to front, hiring and firing support staff, keeping the computers up and running — all in addition to the core task of keeping your clients happy and courting new ones...Read More »

Monitoring Employee Trading is no Longer a Nightmare

Account aggregation is not just a way to track assets your clients hold away from your active management. It's a way to make sure your staff aren't breaking the inside trading rules...Read More »

Why and How to Get Started with Data Aggregation: Part II – Communicating the Benefits to Your Clients

You may have heard from your peers that aggregating data on held-away accounts is an excellent way to increase AUM and revenue. Or perhaps you’ve seen its AUM-boosting capabilities for yourself. The questions are: How do you market data aggregation to your clients? How do you convince them of the many benefits it offers them that may not be available from competitive firms? There are four interrelated points you’ll want to make:..Read More »

From Smoking Jackets to Freakonomics: AdventConnect 2011 and the Advent-Black Diamond Merger

It felt like the old days at the AdventConnect 2011 Conference in Boston last week—with a charged, high energy atmosphere and attendance levels that broke all previous records. No doubt, the excitement created by the Advent purchase of.....Read More »

The Sky is Falling...or is it? Are Today’s Investors Playing the Part of Chicken Little?

Okay, so I am not a CFA, CFP, IMCA…but I have been in the financial industry for 20 years, including 15 years at Financial Advisory firms. During this time, I’ve seen what every investor and member of the financial services industry has seen: the market in all of its ups and downs. Yet in spite of the constant fluctuation, and the fact that the fluctuation is the one constant in the market’s behavior, we still hear a common refrain when the market takes a significant dip: “The market is taking a plunge,” the journalists and pundits say. “We are in the midst of an economic crisis.” And more ominously, they imply “If there ever were a time to press the panic button, this is it!” Somehow, the market always comes back.....Read More »

What to consider when hiring an outsourcer

Hiring an outsourcing firm is not a decision to be taken lightly. Finding the right vendor to help manage your business makes all the difference for a growing firm, which is why a diligent appraisal is vital. Here are some suggestions on how to make sure you're getting a good fit and a reliable partner...Read More »

Outsource it or keep it in-house?

Outsource it or keep it in-house? When you become an independent advisor, the responsibilities of running a business and meeting your clients' needs are now on your shoulders. With so many different areas that need to be addressed, how do you want to spend your time? If you don't want to hire staff to make sure it's all covered, outsourcing is an option. A number of well-established companies provide outsourcing for portfolio data management, reporting, human resources, compliance, billing and investment strategy. Some combine multiple services, like portfolio reporting and billing...Read More »