Blog Entries by Mark Wickersham, Director of Product Management, ByAllAccounts

“Just in Time” is Too Late for Efficient Compliance

The time to have the files ready for the regulators is before the regulators even schedule the review. Third-party gurus say it’s time to get your documentation ready for 2013. By getting ready for an audit now — even before the appointment is on the calendar — a firm can allocate scarce resources far more efficiently...Read More »

Take Compliance Out of the Ivory Tower

Too many asset managers isolate their internal watchdogs from the day-to-day operations they need to observe first-hand. An integrated approach will impress the regulators and make the whole process run more smoothly...Read More »

The Cloud is the Clear Outsourcing Choice for RIAs

One of the advisors I work with recently started looking for a new outsourcing solution, only to realize that a lot of factors need to be considered before choosing a vendor. Thinking through all the parameters up front will help drive the selection process. Otherwise, juggling each factor along the way only makes the process very confusing...Read More »

The Best Way to Run Your Reconciliation Desk

Asset managers must turn reconciliation into a value driver. Here’s how. Often brushed aside as a tedious chore, the reconciliation system occupies a unique and privileged position in the back office in terms of the revelations it can open up to firms that are paying attention...Read More »

This Is the Year To Get Your Big Data Under Control

Mid-market asset managers drowning in compliance costs are reaching for better reconciliation systems in order to expand their AUM without collapsing their margins. For many investment management firms, new channels of product distribution bring additional back-office operational burdens: new systems to learn, different ways to retrieve data and additional headaches...Read More »

Something Needs to Change: How Alternative Investment Fund Managers Can Improve Communications and Expand Their Markets

Have you seen the statistics? A recent Advisor Brandscape report from Cogent Research states that 68% of advisors are using some sort of alternative investment product. Clearly, they’re finding that utilizing this asset class helps them provide better asset allocation for their clients. And yet the questions remain: Even with this adoption of alternative investments, are managers of large hedge funds and private equity firms doing all they can do to tap a growing RIA market? Or are they missing out on opportunities to expand into the retail advisor space by relying on inefficient, unsatisfactory modes of communication that stifle adoption and growth?..Read More »

Search and Selection for New Advisor Technology – Three Steps to Get you Started on the Right Foot

Advisors should apply same planning skills they use with their clients to purchasing new technology The process of selecting of new technology is similar to the process of selecting a new investment for your client. Before you would plug the trigger on a trade, you spend time of upfront to ensure that the investment is sound and appropriate for your client’s portfolio. The same holds true for new technology upgrades and purchases. Before making your next technology decision, spend some time upfront developing a plan and understanding the gaps in your portfolio. In my last couple of blogs I discussed how understanding your technology personality and your investment portfolio complexity will help streamline the search process when it comes to upgrading your portfolio accounting capabilities. In this blog I will like to discuss three key preparation tasks you should perform when starting a vendor search and selection process...Read More »

Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog: Put Your Portfolio First When Selecting a Portfolio Accounting System

When I was a technology consultant I would, from time to time, receive inquiries such as “I am considering Advent, Archway Technology or Investran, for portfolio accounting”. I would wonder how the person identified such a random short list of vendors for consideration. I have used a similar example in discussing how to better understand your “technology personality”. By understanding your preferences you can streamline the search and selection process. The same holds true in understanding your investment portfolio makeup. The better you understand how your investment portfolio drives requirements, the better your search process will become...Read More »

Every Advisory Firm Should Know What Technology They Need, Not What They Want

Understanding your “technology personality” will help streamline the decision process when it’s time to make changes to your office systems. From time to time people ask me which technology vendors they should consider when upgrading their portfolio accounting capabilities: Advent, Black Diamond, Asset Book, Morningstar, someone else? I often wonder what process was used to develop this short list because often times it appears to me that they are comparing apples and oranges. In trying to answer this question, I like to take a step back and look at the advisor’s real preferences...Read More »