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Creating Surveys at ByAllAccounts

By Matthew Howarth, Marketing Intern on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Spending the last 6 months as a ByAllAccounts marketing intern has been exhilarating. From investigating the traffic on our new website, to managing our online customer relationships and establishing a company blogroll, I’ve seen how advertising and marketing go hand in hand with our company services to create successful campaigns for clients.

One of the best projects I worked on was surveying our clients about current issues in the financial industry.  Researching the topic of a survey extensively to better understand it and then organizing that information to create relevant and illuminating questions was sometimes a challenge, but I definitely enjoyed it.  Once a survey was sent out to our clients, examining the data from our questions enabled me to discover some key findings. It was captivating and satisfying to see the results of a survey that I helped make from scratch! Here are some lessons I’ve learned that could help you do the same in your own marketing:

5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Survey

1.      Use clear and concise language. Questions that begin with who, what, where, when, why or how often avoid the language pitfalls frequently associated with surveys.

2.      Avoid leading or ambiguous questions. Leading questions may hint to the respondent how you expect the question answered.  On the other hand, ambiguous questions can be confusing.

3.       Do not make surveys too long or complicated. Often these deter people from completing the survey, or participating all together.

4.      Make sure question sequence makes sense. The ideal survey has a natural flow. Questions that are related to one another should follow one another.

5.      Cover all bases in answer selections. Make sure to use choices such as “N/A,” “I don’t know,” or “Other” whenever they are applicable for a specific question.

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