Blog Entries by Peter Curley, Director of Product Marketing, Xignite

2012 Market Data Industry Outlook - 4 Major Trends all Leading to the Cloud

By Peter Curley, Director of Product Marketing, Xignite on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

In 2011 the cloud finally went from an unproven curiosity to an accepted mainstream technology solution. In 2012 we will witness the deepening penetration of the cloud into the consciousness of multiple industries. The market data industry is an interesting case in point because the major industry trends are all pointing to the rapid adoption of an on-demand cloud-based market data solution. Let’s review each of these trends individually to understand how important the cloud will be for the market data industry in 2012:..Read More »

Fixed Income Electronic Trading – Let There Be Light

By Peter Curley, Director of Product Marketing, Xignite on Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The fixed income trading world has been the last hold-out in the broad shift towards electronic trading and more transparent centralized trading venues. We’ve already witnessed the other popular financial instruments including equities, options, futures, and currencies, succumb to the inevitable, but fixed income is still dominated by the murky business of OTC trading. There are signs, however, that even this asset class has finally reached a tipping-point, and that we are now on the verge of a new world where the buy-side’s demands for transparency will finally be realized...Read More »

The 3 Phase Evolution of Buy-Side Mobile Apps

By Peter Curley, Director of Product Marketing, Xignite on Thursday, December 1st, 2011

There is little doubt that we are in the midst of a technological sea change as the world moves from an Internet that was tethered to PCs, to a world where the Internet can be accessed from anywhere, through a wide array of always-on smartphones and tablets. We’ve all heard the impressive statistics that support this trend with just over 400 million smartphones expected to be sold globally in 2011, and Gartner forecasting that the mobile web will grow to 1 billion smartphones and 320 million tablets sold in 2015...Read More »