Blog Entries by Scott D. Martin, President & CEO, Accent Asset Management, Inc

Fool’s Gold? Or Are You a Fool Not to Own It?

A burgeoning question these days seems to be surrounding gold and the worthiness a position the shiny metal would have in a balanced portfolio in today’s market. It seems like there are many opinions out there regarding this and I would offer one here that seems to be rarely brought up when the “experts” discuss this smoldering topic...Read More »

The Top 3 Mind-Boggling Trends of the New Year and What to Do About Them

Spending a lot of time on radio and tv affords me the ability to not only get my thoughts and messages out, but more importantly, hear the musings and predictions of others who, like me, are trying to be the most informed and engaging personalities when it comes to the investment world. That’s why as I write this January update, I’m rather amazed about the strength of the equity markets around the globe and some of the new trends that have emerged out of nowhere that might be pointing to something different happening in 2012 that many originally thought would not be possible. Let’s take a look at several of the early “trends” that may make investors “friends” with their portfolios again in 2012…..Read More »