Cleaning Up: Lindsay Lohan Somehow Forgot to Add the IRS to Her “List”

Although Lindsay Lohan is supposedly in recovery from her various addictions, she reportedly owes the IRS over $140,000 for unpaid 2010 taxes. What could Lindsay's advisors have done differently to make sure the federal government didn't come so high on her list of people she's wronged?..Read More »

If You’re Not Managing 401(k) Assets, You’re Leaving Money On The Table

How many of your clients pay attention to their 401(k) investments? I mean, really pay attention? Zero, right? So, how do you deal with your clients’ 401(k) investments? I’ll bet that every year or two, when meeting with a client, you might look at a recent 401(k) statement. You’ll tell the client how to adjust the allocations and that’ll be it for another year or two. If this describes your practice, you’re leaving money on the table!..Read More »