Monitoring and measuring your website performance: From Google Analytics to A/B Testing

In my experience at ByAllAccounts, many advisors have asked how they can better understand website activities, and improve their website performance. It’s an important question, because as Jonathan Bentley, Executive Vice President of InvestCloud, stated in a previous blog, “We are now well into the time when a firm’s website is the single most cost effective marketing and client service tool available...Read More »

How Advisors Can Mine Big CRM Data for AUM Gold

In recent years, ‘big data’ has become such a buzzword: across industries, everyone is hoping to take advantage of data analysis to identify their most profitable business activities or ideal client types for growth. While the concept of big data is nothing mysterious or complicated, knowing how to approach it to benefit your business can be overwhelming. The data is there, and most financial advisors naturally have the statistical mind to analyze it...Read More »