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We have built a network of 2,300 clients, 16,000+ custodial relationships, and more than 60 platform and service providers.

The ByAllAccounts Network

As platform providers sought to expand their market share and increase assets flowing through their platforms, they turned to ByAllAccounts to take advantage of its growing client base.

Part of how we help our platform provider partners succeed is by understanding their sophisticated data and operational efficiency requirements. We know that’s why many of them have turned to us after they initially had experiences with other solutions.

How We Work with Resellers

ByAllAccounts provides you with the tools to integrate aggregation into your solution quickly and easily.  You can choose to embed the ByAllAccounts web-based setup interface into your solution or use your own.

We can provide position or transaction level detail, data quality, and custodian coverage specifically required for your solution.

Support for ByAllAccounts Resellers:

  • Sales account management support to help with your sales activities.
  • Account aggregation tips and tools for advisors to share with your clients and potential clients to drive adoption.
  • Access to our Partner Portal, a private website which contains a complete range of resources to educate your internal team including a checklist for getting started with us, and educational materials to share with your clients to drive adoption.
  • Real-time lead notifications for your sales team, from ByAllAccounts
  • A company listing on the ByAllAccounts website
  • Our monthly partner newsletter, with service and product updates, and marketing announcements
  • Opportunity to contribute guest blogs to the ByAllAccounts blog 


“Tamarac is focused on enabling advisors to better service the investors they support as well as run a more efficient business through our Advisor Xi suite and our integration partners. Leveraging ByAllAccounts to integrate investor 401(k), 529 and other held-away assets has clearly become an area where advisors have been able to provide incremental value to their clients.  Over the course of the last year we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of advisors adopting a strategy to provide advice to all of their investor’s assets and ByAllAccounts is the perfect solutions to deliver this value.”

-Stuart Depina, Chairman & CEO, Tamarac


 “As a practicing RIA and CEO of Total Rebalance Expert (TRX), I have experienced the benefits of account aggregation first-hand. As an RIA, ByAllAccounts has allowed my firm to incorporate management of clients' 401(k)s and annuities, providing our clients with comprehensive management while providing our firm with additional AUM and fee revenue. As a user of TRX, ByAllAccounts combined with TRX's seamless integration makes tax-efficient management at the household level easy!”

-Sheryl L. Rowling, CPA/PFS, Co-Creator & CEO, Total Rebalance Expert


“We did the [ByAllAccounts] integration to provide an additional avenue for an advisor to gather a complete client financial picture by getting the held-away assets auto-populated into their CRM. It also allows us to utilize the data in other integrations such as financial planning by sending a more complete set of financial data. The integration is really being received well because of the simplicity to enable the integration and the quality of data.”

-Brian McLaughlin, CEO/CTO, Redtail Technology