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View our brief demos to see the Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM service solutions in action. Check out our account aggregation service demo that shows you how easy it is to retrieve, consolidate, enrich and produce reconciliation-ready data. And see our solution-specific demos that demonstrate the seamless simplicity of setting up and using our account aggregation products with popular portfolio wealth management systems.




"We've been using ByAllAccounts for the past 5 years. The value that it brings to our client is accurate reporting every quarter so we have the ability to bring in accounts directly from custodians and incorporate it into our portfolio management software."

-Carol Williams-Money, Guardian Wealth Management

"ByAllAccounts makes it easy to do business: they get data into the IAS system and the data is clean, which makes it efficent to get ready for the client as early in the morning as possible."

-John Gill, Financial Data Systems