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Addepar unites an extraordinary team of engineers, product-innovators, and industry experts devoted to the future of investment management.

We are re-imagining and fundamentally improving how technology delivers integrity, transparency, and impact to the growing complexities of one of the world’s largest industries. Addepar empowers over 100 clients representing more than $300 billion to address the emergent needs of the modern investor.

Addepar builds technology that simplifies sophisticated portfolio analysis for modern investors and advisors. We provide comprehensive data aggregation, powerful analytics, and customizable communication tools, empowering our clients to excel. The platform has a network of custodians, fund administrators, integration partners, financial market data providers, and cloud services. Our solution reveals the comprehensive picture of any portfolio, enabling high impact investment insight and strategy in an ever-evolving field.

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Addepar empowers investors and advisors to navigate the increasingly complex world of investment management.

Investment management has never been more fast-moving, dynamic, and sophisticated. In addition to increasing complexity in ownership, assets, and regulations, a new generation of increasingly tech-savvy investors demands immediate insights and actionable information.

Addepar leverages advances in big data technology and cloud-based accessibility to deliver the convenience, reliability, and performance that today’s investors should expect. Our technology drives new levels of innovation and growth in finance. 

“Addepar lets us analyze portfolios the way we want. Some technologies force you into a linear view. With Addepar, we see complex portfolios as a matrix. You can look at portfolios vertically, horizontally and in depth. Addepar helps us understand the interplay of assets and how daily events impact a portfolio. There’s nothing else like it.”

Joe Piazza, Chairman & CEO
Robertson Stephens Advisors