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Morningstar is committed to providing the highest quality investment data, research, and analytics so advisors can help their clients meet their financial goals sooner.  Our solutions help financial advisors and other investment professionals research, analyze, present, and support their recommendations. For more information on how ByAllAccounts and Morningstar products work together, please call Morningstar at 800-886-9324.

Morningstar OfficeSM
Morningstar Office is a complete practice and portfolio management system for independent financial advisors. It features robust portfolio management and performance reporting, advanced research capabilities, sophisticated investment planning, and secure communications using the Client Web Portal.

Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM
Advisors depend on Morningstar Advisor Workstation to research investments, construct investment portfolios, and analyze and compare securities. Easily demonstrate how your recommendations would have made a difference, and educate your clients on key investment details with our FINRA-reviewed reports.
Morningstar DirectSM
Morningstar Direct is a cloud-based investment analysis platform that delivers the best of everything from Morningstar. You’ll have access to Morningstar’s institutional-quality data, analytics, and research to help you select, create, and market investments—all in one elegant platform.


"One of the biggest benefits of using ByAllAccounts is it allows me to work as though I were a large institutional advisor."

-Michael Andries, CFP, CMC
Morningstar Office client
ByAllAccounts client