About TerraNua

TerraNua was founded in 1998, as part of a large US financial services firm, to provide technology consulting services to the financial services sector. In 2008, TerraNua separated from the large US financial services firm and became an independent identity. Today, TerraNua continues to provide a range of technology consulting services for governance risk and compliance custom applications in addition to providing  a range of compliance solutions through its flagship  MyComplianceOffice product.


MyComplianceOffice is a web-based software solution specifically designed for Investment Advisors, Hedge Funds, Broker Dealers, Private Equity firms and other types of investment firms. It automates and centralizes a firm’s compliance procedures and activities such as certifications, code of ethics, personal trading, policy management, compliance tests, tracking of issues and document management. MyComplianceOffice  partners with ByAllAccounts to capture employees trading activity and feed it into the MyComplianceOffice personal trading module where numerous business rules can be run against the data. Employee trade data can be flagged for front running, tailgating, non pre-clearance, excessive trading, holding period violations, checked against restricted lists to name a few.

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