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Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM is distributed through 40+ resellers; features 15,000+ financial institution data sources, and is used by 2,000+ clients. With ByAllAccounts, you can recommend the best investment vehicles for your clients and be confident that you'll have access to the positions, holdings and/or transactions information required for reporting purposes, regardless of your specific portfolio accounting or reporting platform.

Click here to schedule a time to speak with a sales rep, who can provide you with a quote or demo.  Or, from the list below, choose a "target system" or "back office services firm" where you would like aggregated data from ByAllAccounts to be delivered to. There is information on each page about how to get in touch with someone who can help.

Systems run in-house

Advent Axys/APX
Financial Navigator, Inc.
HWA International
Morningstar Office
Schwab PortfolioCenter®

Back Office for - Portfolio Center

AllBackoffice Consulting
Back Office Support Service (BOSS)
Envestnet B-Ready

Back Office for - Advent APX

Advent On-Demand

Back Office for - Morningstar Office

Back Office Support Service (BOSS)

Full Service - Portfolio Management & Reporting

Envestnet Tamarac/Vantage
Hanlon Advisory Software
Orion Advisor Services
Portfolio Pathway


Pareto Platform CRM
Redtail Technology CRM

Personal Trading Surveillance


Note: Depending upon the specific target system you selected you will either work directly with a ByAllAccounts sales rep or one of ByAllAccounts' resellers.

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Use our calendaring app to schedule a phone consultation with us at your convenience or call 781-376-0801 (option 2 for sales).