Morningstar tools for advisors include Morningstar® Principia Cams, and Morningstar Office, a Web-based investment planning system. Morningstar offers products and services to individual investors and the advisors and institutions they serve. Morningstar is committed to using the highest quality data and research to meet investors demands so that they can better manage their investments and meet their financial goals.

Financial advisors and other investment professionals turn to Morningstar for advisory tools that help them research, analyze, present, and support their investment ideas. They value Morningstar's professional software and Web-based products for their comprehensive content and flexible functionality.

Morningstar PrincipiaCAMs

Check out this demo of ByAllAccounts aggregated data being brought into Morningstar’s PrincipiaCAMS platform via the Vendor Transactions section within the Interfaces menu—a concise look at the daily importing process.

Morningstar Office

See the daily importing process in action—when you watch this demo of how ByAllAccounts aggregated data is brought into the Morningstar Office system via the Import function.


Case Study with Morningstar User
Michael Andries, Managing Member
mABC Advisors, LLC

  • AUM: $14 million
  • Founded: 2007


Press Release

ByAllAccounts Offers Enhanced Account Aggregation to Morningstar Principia CAMS Users


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"One of the biggest benefits of using ByAllAccounts is it allows me to work as though I were a large institutional advisor."

-Michael Andries, CFP, CMC
Morningstar Office client
ByAllAccounts client

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Institutional Sales

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